Meet Julia

Julia Kor specializes in designing exceptional jewelry tailored for the modern woman. Ukrainian born and raised, she resides and creates in Tel Aviv. Inspired by geometric and natural patterns, she infuses classic shapes with a modern twist, adding a fresh and current edge.

"I embarked on the journey of jewelry design with the goal of challenging outdated perceptions associated with certain gems and diamonds. My aim was to demonstrate that every gemstone can complement the style of a modern woman—it's simply a matter of how it's styled. Jewelry is meant to be worn and appreciated."

- Julia Kor

What resonates with our clients at Juliette Kor Jewelry is Julia's distinctive personal aesthetics, as she infuses her creations with a passion for fashion and art, evident in both design and presentation. Emphasizing the significance of jewelry styling alongside the pieces themselves, all JK creations are intentionally crafted for seamless combination and layering.